The Marvel of Spirulina Supplementation- The Process of Its Utilisation in Animal Fodder

Spirulina, an edible blue-green microalga and a potential nutrition resource for many agriculturally important animal species, has been rapidly emerging as a cost-effective means of improving animal health. Research findings have associated the miraculous protein-rich supplement with increasing fertility, milk production, bone health, and aesthetics of cows, considering the quality of their products.

However scanty the present knowledge of its productivity might be, the growing influence of Spirulina over animal development stems from its nutritive and immune-improving composition.


Healthy Bio, a company dealing with certified organic spirulina and the formulation of its products, manufactures two main spirulina-based animal-care products, namely

·       MIDA- for Milk Increase In Dairy Animals

Helps in milk production by animals by providing them the nutrients and minerals for their immunity, thus increasing the profitability of the farmers.

·       MIDACAL- as a Natural Bone Caretaker (with calcium)

Fulfils the lack of calcium in the animals, to strengthen their bones and muscles, thus increasing their life-span.

To understand the utilisation of the marvels of Spirulina Supplementation, we will brief you on the process of its usage:

1.     Dissolving for activation-

Depending on the group of cattle being fed, an appropriate amount of MIDA or MIDACAL is dissolved in a proportionate quantity of water and left for the activation period to complete.

 2.     Into the Fodder-

After this, the product is added to the animal fodder that is to be fed, and the superfood is given to cows, fish, buffaloes, or poultry for consumption.

3.     The effect-

Once consumed, results take 4-5 days to show up, with increased mil production up to 95%
Over time, Spirulina dosage improves the immunity and health of lactating animals.

The edible superfood, proven to be the most potent immunity enhancer for farm animals, acts as an antioxidant supplement, leading to increased commercial production to meet their and the consumers’ demands.


·   No Side Effects

Healthy Bio products of MIDA and MIDACAL are both 100% organic and do not cause any side effects on your loved animals.

·   Nutri-dense with vitamins, minerals, and proteins

Containing bone-strengthening vitamins like Vitamin D, and compounds like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, these products boost the animals’ development to a great extent.

·   Amino Acids and Natural Fibre

Amino acids and soluble lipids present in the fodder supplement their protein intake and the natural fibre improves their digestion overall.


Taking care of your animals’ health, in turn, takes care of your dairy market. Manufacturing organic products without any involvement with artificial additions, Healthy Bio invites you to try out MIDA AND MIDACAL, the essentials of amplifying your animals’ health.

These products added to whole foods, treats, and supplements for domestic pets and lactating cattle animals, help improve the immune system, and surge the milk yield and overall health of animals, as a result of the countless health benefits of spirulina feed. Keep your animals fit and happy with Healthy Bio!


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