Organic Fertilizer

Spirulina Fertilizer is 100% organic and it increases the soils quality, aeration, water holding capacity and microbes beneficial for increasing plant root system, growth and nutrient uptake.

Higher Yields

Spirulina Fertilizer combines all the essential nutrients for the plants, making it a complete plant food for increasing growth and yields in the crops.

Highly Soluble

Spirulina Fertilizer is highly water soluble for application through foliar or drip irrigation.
Spirulina Fertilizer

Fertilizer is available in Solid & Liquid Forms

Healthy Bio Spirulina helps yield a better agriculture produce, while being health friendly to farmers!

Only high quality
and certified
Spirulina products

Spirulina Fertilizers

Well Researched & Clinically Tested

Yield Increase of

15 - 20%

is shown when using Spirulina based Fertilizers
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Popular Products

  • 100% Organic Our Spirulina Supplements are purely organic.
  • Clinically Researched Our products are researched for safe consumption.
  • Certified Organic Products We are certified by global health certification bodies.
  • Transparency Declare each & every ingredient to deliver a clean label.


What our buyers say

I owned an Organic farm and was looking for something that is effective and protects the soil. The fertilizer is easily water-soluble and easy to use and spray. Also, it.

Rambilas Yadav (Farmer, Rohtak)
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