Clinically Researched Products

All our Spirulina products for humans, animals and agriculture go through extensive research for efficacy and safety!

State of the Art Manufacturing

Our inhouse manufacturing facilities ensure you get products which follow the strictest checks of quality before reaching you!
Researched & Clinically proven

Spirulina based products for humans, agriculture and animal feeds.

Ideal for boosting immunity in humans. Growth, fertility & nutrition for animals. Better yield results in farming.
Healthy Bio ensures quality Spirulina in various forms that are apt for our ecosystem, right from agriculture to animal feed and human consumption. Our products are clinically tested and proven safe and beneficial.

About Us

The promoters of HealthyBio have vast experience of running various successful business operations in India such as Telecom manufacturing, Telecom services, Gas based Power plant, Fertilizer manufacturing, VSAT services, Milk processing and Biomass based power plant. All the ventures have been successful, many in joint venture operations with Local and Foreign partners.

Our leadership team is a carefully balanced combination of energy veterans and market experts. The company is led by a strong team of business professionals with a commitment to client satisfaction and the ongoing development and growth of our company and our employees.


I have been consuming the supplement for over 6 months now! The immunity difference is visible in the fact that I don't catch my regular cold as often now!.

Meera Vasudev (Corporate Lawyer, Gurgaon)

I owned an Organic farm and was looking for something that is effective and protects the soil. The fertilizer is easily water-soluble and easy to use and spray. Also, it seems much safer for the person administering it..

Rambilas Yadav (Farmer, Rohtak)

My cows have started producing around 40% extra milk from week 2 of giving this cattle feed. The product is working well. As of now, I have not seen any visible side effects! So, that's good..

Ram Kesarwal (Cow Farm, Palwal)

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Stefanie Rashford
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