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Rajasthani Algae Spirulina & Dunaliella – RASD

INTRODUCTION Malnutrition and Anaemia Scenario in India 38.4% of children under age of 3 are stunted, too short for their age and 46% are underweight, too thin for their age. Not much change since the year 1998 - 99.Wasting, defined as an abnormally low weight for the child's height affects 19% of …

ALGAE -Aligned To Light; The Green Antenna Entity

If rapid industrial revolution and urbanization is a topic of immense discussion under sustainability, out Mother Nature has also blessed us with to find out solutions. The natural resources- water, air, soil, minerals, fuel and space are being exhausted by human beings with a faster rate. This is resulting into …

The Benefits Of Spirulina For Fish Growth, Health and Reproduction

BOOST FISH GROWTH WITH SPIRULINA FISH FEED Spirulina supplementation is an excellent replacement to existing protein diets given to fish. Increased growth, a strengthened immune system, and improved health due to antibacterial and antiviral activity are just a few of the positive effects of using spirulina as a fish feed. Spirulina Fish …