ALGAE -Aligned To Light; The Green Antenna Entity

If rapid industrial revolution and urbanization is a topic of immense discussion under sustainability, out Mother Nature has also blessed us with to find out solutions. The natural resources- water, air, soil, minerals, fuel and space are being exhausted by human beings with a faster rate. This is resulting into shrinking the fertile and arable lands, while pollution in the air and the water is increasing. Algae, a less popular wonder of nature comes to help here.

Algal organisms have antiquity dating back to 3.2 billion years or more. They have the fastest regenerating lives, with the biggest plus being that they make their abode in varied habitats from cold to warm or hot spots and thrive equally well in the arena of fresh, brackish to marine waters anywhere in the world.

The algal cultivation and innovation is seeing the light of the day now at the Industrial level and is being recognized for its manifold advantages including its ability to grow in the waste water. The bio based industries, the dairy, the confectionary, plants, fishery and similar industries are continuing to cultivate algae for waste water treatment. The algae consumes greenhouse gas – CO2, the chemical present is waste waters of urban, rural and industry origin and releases oxygen back into the environment.

Algae has not only proved as a cheap and better source of high level protein ((72% plus), amino acid (essential and non-essentials), vitamin and mineral bio-source for humans and animals; but also provide life regenerating molecules like the Omega – 3 and Omega -6 fatty acids – DHA, EPA and GLA, the Natural Mixed Carotenoids (NMCs). The natural Beta Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin are therapeutic to ease and erase out problems of growing obesity, heart and brain ailments, ageing, work related stress, malnutrition, eye and muscle disorder, immunity related disorders and of course cancer and skin related disorders. The popular algae are Chlorella, Spirulina and Haematococcus with its rich antioxidant’s – Astaxanthin on demand.